The 5 habits you should start your healthy lifestyle journey with

healthy lifestyle

It’s challenging to make the shift from consuming and doing whatever we want as we want to conditioning ourselves with rules to respect before any consumption of any type and in any aspect of life. That’s why the healthy lifestyle may look self-torturing choice!

But I think we should blame our conception of healthy lifestyle for the overwhelming feeling we experience as we take this path.

In fact, the health and wellbeing is the natural state, you can see it in the plant and animal world. As they are pure, authentic and consuming its proper food in its proper way, they look fresh, healthy and LIVING. That’s the same for a human, when you are healthy you are well,happy and LIVING the life you deserve .

However, when we want to start the journey of healthy lifestyle we see a huge amount of things to change, and they seem to be not feel-good changes!, that’s why the baby steps are essential to make the goal look more achievable and enjoyable in our mind.

Here are 5 habits I believe will help you gain self-confidence in your ability to make this trip till the end line, which isn’t really a line! but rather a continuous commitment and improvement cycle.


healthy lifestyle habits

  1. READ: when you read health-centered books and articles,written by researchers and experts in the domain or simplified by bloggers or journalists, you will change your mindset about many things which you know are unhealthy but your mind keeps telling you: it isn’t really than just overestimate the consequences..that’s just a little amount of unhealthy will not make any difference..!
  2. Plan: Planning is key for a structured project, which is what we want in healthy lifestyle project. We need it in order to identify the most unhealthy habits,to get rid of them, and the most healthy habits, to adopt it so as we can see results as soon as possible. Human mind isn’t patient! that’s why he loves quick results. Satisfy him reasonably.
  3. Get support: team work is always best!. If you are married try to make the changes together,or with your children( they will love the connection with you as you explain to them every choice and they will trust you more as the BIG person). In case you have to be alone in this journey, you can always make yourself your best friend!, talk to yourself, challenge yourself and appreciate your effort, and especially reward yourself for any little achievement.
  4. Trust your body: Your body lived in a comfort zone for many years. To change suddenly even with baby steps you may sometimes feel exhausted and overwhelmed. That’s your body’s message that he want some break to reboot. It will help in the beginning to give it a day per week of no significant rules. It doesn’t mean you give up the healthy habits but rather give him some rest on the journey.
  5. Love yourself unconditionally: Be kind to yourself,forgive yourself for any disappointment or slip-ups, and take it as a learning experience. You can absolutely believe that self-forgiveness is actually the number one healthy choice.

Feel free to share with me your challenges and concerns so that I can help you more about the healthy mindset, and be sure that your suggestions and comments are highly appreciated.

Enjoy the journey!

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