5 Ted Talks About Parenting You Should Watch


As a mother of two not-so-easy-to-parent boys, I encounter many challenges known by mothers everywhere. I still struggle with my parenting way, which isn’t at all perfect, but are we already perfect in anything else?!. However, I have to say that my addiction to Ted Talks was so beneficial to me in this regard, and there are really lot of interesting Ted Talks that it would be difficult to choose the best ones, but I managed to make this list of 5 Ted Talks about parenting which I think unmissable.

As an everyday life duty, we need to survive the ups and downs of our relationship with our kids. Be you a working mom or stay-at-home mom, you will need support from outside. That’s why there are many websites about parenting (or exactly motherhood!), many books, many courses,..etc.

I believe that every mom is unique, thus she knows more than anyone else how to parent her child, but here is also the perfectionism vampire, coming to devour her self-esteem and her gratitude for the efforts she’s already making, on physical, emotional and mental levels.

From my perspective, I consider every mom to be perfect as she is. Didn’t she gave birth to a new human being, who will add something to humanity, at least in term of experience and contribution to  the human evolution.

That said, I chose here five of Ted Talks which goes in this direction of calming down and giving some more freedom to our children.

How to raise successful kids- without over-parenting


Julie Lythcott-Haims says that Self efficacy is more important than self esteem that we emphasize in the current parenting (controlling?) way. Although she’s speaking here to parents of school age kids, but in my opinion the same applies to younger kids, as we expect our children (even babies!) to be perfect, smart, perfectly polite, ..etc.

Sometimes I wonder if those You tube videos of kids reciting countries capitals are in fact harmful to other kids whom mothers are watching and hoping they can be in the place of this mom! I think that’s selfish to want our child to be good at this or that because we want to be proud of him. I’m proud of my kids even when they seem to be a mess! in fact I’m supposed to be there for them in this exact moments, not when they’re a success.

Looking to Montessori to Guide Education Reform


If you’re new to Montessori education, I recommend you watch this Ted talk of Montessori school education director, explaining the contrast between the traditional and Montessori education. If you have the chance to have Montessori school or kindergarten just go for it and offer your kid the pleasure of learning in the most natural and joyful yet effective and scientific way, while growing emotionally too.

What every new parent should know


If you’re new parent, and especially new mom, you should listen to this Ted Talk talking about what are considered to be challenging babies. She suggested that your panic is doing you more stress than the crying of your little baby. As career woman, you may became brain-wired to stress with your baby as if some task somewhere isn’t done properly! Sometimes you need just to relax and connect with your baby to know what he’s expressing to you.

How will I educate my children


If you wonder if really homeschooling your kids is worth it, you should watch this Ted Talk.

Homeschooling is a trend right now, many people opt for it and there are many resources and blogs helping you to get started in teaching your own kid. The one issue is psychological. Will my kid be different? Will he miss opportunities? Will be talented enough to homeschool him?..etc. Joshua Steimle tells you here his solid arguments for taking the decision of homeschooling, to tell you in the end that it may not be a fit choice for everyone, but maybe for you, and I say: how can we know if it’s a fit choice or not if we don’t give it a try! For me, we all have to teach our kids, if not totally then at least partially. You and your kid will be so grateful for this experience.

Old school parenting – insights through comedy


I want to finish with this Talk which made me laugh from the heart. A grown up hard kid, telling stories and memories of his childhood with his father parenting him the old way of hitting and yelling..in a  comic way. The insights he provides after this narration are simple yet powerful. It speaks to every parent and gives the lenses to see parenting from our kids perspective. Enjoy!




Do you find this list interesting? Do you want to complete it with other Ted Talks you recommend watching? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment and tell us more about your perspective of parenting.






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  1. I didn’t even know there were Parenting related TED talks! Cool!

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    • fmokhliss@gmail.com says:

      There are about everything lol. I hope you enjoy them

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