Hey Eve !
I’m Fatima,a 32 old housewife with two amazing (not always !)boys and not-less-amazing parakeet couple .
I decided to start blogging since i had that inner voice telling me in whisper everyday :you have taken many blessings in your life,what did you give back to the world ?
I’m not superwoman,not perfect-smiling mom or always-happy wife or always glittering-furniture housekeeper,i can even say that i had many challenges (not so big and not so small ) in the course of my past years.
But I acknowledge that i have learned many things which i want to share with every woman,ranging from natural beauty tips,delicious and easy-to-make meals,helpful parenting knowledge,…etc, in a personalized framework of woman’s healthy life.

I believe I have my specific version of woman’s health care, which I acquired since I learned to listen to my body, and trust my intuition.

Although nothing is perfect, but I ensure you that the progression my general health manifested is highly amazing and absolutely worthy of the efforts I made.
I’m so excited to connect with worldwide sisters,younger or older,it doesn’t matter,what matters really is that we are all amazing creatures full of creativity,beauty and hope of better version of ourselves each new day.
If you agree with me that you deserve to be your best version,then welcome in the world of..Wellness of Eve !

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