How To Achieve Goals Easier With 100 Day Challenge

100 Day Challenge


As 2017 is almost here I’m so excited today to talk to you about this unique opportunity to challenge ourselves to start it the best way: the 100 Day Challenge.

About Motivation..

Yes, self help books and personal development articles help so much to improve our life’s quality. But motivation is just like blood sugar, its ups and downs plays on our nerves and leave us in this deep feelings of frustration and self-doubt.

Just take my example. I have set many goals to become healthier, stuff like morning workout, eating sourdough bread,..etc. I have to say that I achieved a great deal of what I intended to achieve this year BUT..I had this down of motivation and up on excuses to not exercise, not make sourdough bread..etc.

You may have different goals, maybe you’re a student trying to get some score in some module, or a mom trying to get rid of her extra weight, or a dad trying to quit smoking to recover his health and to give example to his kids..

What ever is your goals and your reasons to set them, you absolutely need a constant motivation source and accountability.

If you rely on your partner or any family member, I doubt he can help in the long term as he also has his ups and downs.

That’s why I consider 100 day challenge a great opportunity to surpass our limits and achieve our goals in a fast yet giving lasting results way.

What’s 100 Day Challenge?

The founder of 100 day challenge is Gary Ryan Blair, known as the GoalsGuy. He work around the world, with many big companies( such as Hewlett Packard, Fedex, IBM..)  and people like celebrities and professional athletes. His mentees are estimated to be more than 400 000 person, who delivered jaw-dropping results.

He gives the answer to the question:

What does it take to deliver radical results—quickly? Click To Tweet

If you want to have an idea of how this guy is a motivation mine then take a look at this video.

This pre-training guide gives a huge boost toward achieving our goals in a sustainable momentum from the beginning.

Either you’re man or woman, you absolutely need this opportunity to kick start achieving what we want just like athletes and olympians do.

Take a look at this review of my mentor to see how he benefited from it reach excellence and unleash his greatness through this program.

What a great opportunity to make our dreams real, especially my favorite one: making my lifestyle healthier!

Feel free to leave a comment if you have a question or a story to share.

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  1. Great post . . . I was just searching for some quotes related to self improvement and came across this page. Definitely like the site and added it to my feedly to follow!

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