Fasting: how to detox your body naturally

Detox is a buzz word everywhere. There are many products to cleanse the body and flash the liver…etc. However, I believe you don’t need any product to purify your body, you can simply detox the body naturally.

Guess from what we want to detox our body? generally from harmful substances coming from the outside as food, air, plastic materials..etc. As the amount of these substances is bigger than the body daily ability to cleanse, the residues accumulate to form considerable quantity causing many health issues. But the body is just amazing in its capacity to heal itself, and logically if you let it do its work you’ll see the improvements without effort from your side.

detox the body naturally

Fasting: detox your body naturally

All you have to do is to fast at least 2 days per week. Choose the convenient days for your schedule, check with your physician if your health condition can support fasting, and make a planning for these days of fasting so as you don’t feel constantly that elusive need to eat.

Obviously, you will feel like exhausted in the beginning, as you are used to eat everyday for many years, and maybe you feel like day won’t be okay if you don’t take your coffee. I suggest you make it as a challenge for yourself. See yourself in the mirror and ask yourself: Am I dependent of food? Can I take some rest of food addiction? Can I give some rest for my body from the overload work I give it each day? Can I express my gratitude toward my body in this natural way?

After, you will find that it gets easier, especially if you have a day schedule full of activities you like, with some entertainment and easy workout.

You will feel lighter in the first week. The real result will take some months to be considerable, but as you are taking the natural way of healing you will be astonished by the long-term results: weight loss, healthier hair and skin, less digestive issues, higher energy level, better hormones balance and better mood..

Whole family or friends fast would be even more helpful as we can support each other.

If you choose to fast, make sure to drink water before and after, then eat your best veggies detox the body naturallyand fruits, and keep a medium level of activity along the day.





Did you already try to detox your body naturally? How was your experience?

Tell me in a comment what’s your challenge regarding detoxifying your body so as I can help you.

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