Drinking healthy water : The basic baby-step toward a healthy life !

healthy water

It’s obvious that water is essential for our body, since it constitute more than 70% of it. From then, you can agree with me when I state that the first key to the healthy lifestyle is drinking more healthy water. WHY?because beside being vital component of our body, it cleanses the toxins already existing and flooding our body all the time! we know that making unhealthy choices results in increasing the toxins in the whole of our body, in the skin, hair, intern organs..and what’s the best natural cleaning product?!Water !

But wait!Not any water, since the tap water contains many substances which keep it away from being itself clean and healthy.

I used to drink a glass of water any time i can, because i know its importance, but drinking tap water didn’t keep constipation away from my digestive system !it didn’t help with my relatively dry skin either..

The quality of water plays a great role in its effect on our body. Even if tap water is « drinkable »,  it isn’t the optimal healthy liquid since the treatment phases it goes through affect its molecules and charges it with many heavy particles to keep it clean and disinfected in the distribution network.

To have more clear idea about the importance of the composition of drinkable water, just know that in Netherlands, the drinkable water supply companies managed to build a system of water treatment composed of not one but many stages(ozonation, uv radiation,slow sand filtration and managed aquifer recharge and membranes), each one improving the physical and chemical quality of water, so that the final water is optimal for drinking. Know also that the chlorinated water we drink is in Netherlands permitted just in swimming pools !

The drinkable water quality is subject to some international guidelines including thresholds for :

  • chemical particles(lead,mercury,arsenic..)
  • organic micro-pollutants: such as hormones, drugs and pesticides like Atrazine, which is one of the consistently most-detected crop chemicals in drinking water in USA, even if it’s banned in Europe,and has been linked to breast tumor, delayed puberty and inflammation in animals,and was used also to turn male frogs into female frogs that produces eggs !!
  • disinfection byproducts: such as bromate and trihalomethanes.
  • other: nitrates(eventual cause of baby blue syndrome) and fluoride(eventual cause of brittle bones and teeth decay)

We can list many other issues in drinkable water composition. But what can we do till this changes ?

The alternative shouldn’t be the battle water, since it was found in a study published in 2013 that 14 brand of bottled water were found to contain more than 24,000 chemicals !

You may be able to afford one water filter,it can help to get rid of many of the chemicals, and it helps also in showering and cleaning the skin and the hair as the tap water is one of the causes of many hair and skin issues !

Be aware to read carefully through the description of water filter as there are many of them,each one eliminating certain chemicals,with a certain method and certain limits.I’ll be giving a product review on them as soon as I can.

My advice for now is to make your own healthy water, by taking a glass or clay jar full of water, and infuse it with lemon. Just put a slice of lemon in it, give it some hours to clean and refresh the water and here is your healthy energy boost and detox liquid !. If you want more tasty one,then you can put in slices of your best fruits,it encourages you to get more hydration and more pleasure taste !

healthy water

I’ll go now to drink my refreshing glass of water from my clay jar ( I’ll tell you about why I use clay later,so stay tuned;) ).

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One thought on “Drinking healthy water : The basic baby-step toward a healthy life !

  1. I really like what was said about how dirty tap water really is. I can attest to the importance of drinking HEALTHY water. A couple of years ago I was in the habit of drinking tap water and found out that the city had really dirty water and potentially dangerous in the end. I was not happy and so I started drinking purified bottled water.

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