What You Should Know About Natural Cosmetics

Natural Cosmetics

Homemade natural cosmetics are more present in the market as women are making more conscious consumption choices.

Like many women, I tried many products for my skin and hair. The instant results were always there, but the negative long-term results too!

I started to look for natural beauty recipes as there are many in my country. It takes just a look around in the herbs shop to buy the little amounts of ingredients, or sometimes just find them in your own kitchen!
Olive oil, honey, turmeric, salt, cinnamon, henna …there are really many recipes to use for your skin and hair and Internet is full of natural cosmetics recipes.
However, it’s sometimes tiring to make every mask and every hydrating cream for yourself! You can also procrastinate if you run off this or that ingredient. Another excuse we can use is the good smell which is almost absent in natural recipes unless you use the essential oils, which requires good knowledge and precaution.
That’s why there are people who make handmade natural beauty products and sell them to you so that you can enjoy the benefits of natural cosmetics without worrying about anything else.
The first time I talked to Nadia, it was exactly about her passion. I asked her about many topics related to beauty products she was making and she amazed me by her knowledge and sincerity too.
When you make handmade products, you may want to sell to everybody regardless of their understanding of the whole process of the cosmetic treatment. But Nadia was different.
As she saw I was asking about each ingredient, its origin and how it works and why this dose not more or less..she answered in a professional way. Thereafter she told me she had Aromatherapy training and she studies oelotherapy on her own. What makes her special also is that she cares so much for the authenticity of the raw material she uses in her products even if that means to import a majority of them, rising thus the price of her products, but surely also their quality.
I asked her to make an interview so that you can benefit from some knowledge about natural cosmetics, and she accepted with pleasure.
Natural Cosmetics

So, who are you? 🙂

I’m Nadia, 38 years old, wife and mother of 4 children. I was born and lived in French, and I live in Morocco since almost 4 years. If I have to summarize my activity in few words, I would say : – Love – Passion – Nature

My love and my passion for the natural, grand-mother’s remedies, plants, vegetal oils and essential oils, brought me to where I’m now.

As I’m convinced that nothing is better and safer than taking care of ourselves with what Nature give us, I embarked on this adventure of Diyali Cosmetics : treatement serums and cosmetic products customized for the body,face and hair, for adults and also for kids!

As I’m trained and I have experience in Aromatherapy, I specialized in natural dermo-cosmetics formulation and homemade natural care.

Do you opt for the natural also for your health?

Yes, I care very much about what I put on my skin and hair, as on my family member’s. Since I started formulating my own care products, I don’t encounter any problems and don’t even worry about about the ingredient lists..etc. I try also to speak to people around me to make them aware of chemical products side-effects.

Are you also fan of organic food too? are you vegan?

Yes, I care very much about my wellbeing and my interior health. I’m aware of the importance of organic plants and eco-friendly consumption.

But no, I’m not vegan and I don’t think it’s essential for our wellbeing. From my personal perspective,  I believe we need just moderation in everything.

What are the most made mistakes by women regarding the redirection to the natural cosmetics?

The first mistake I think is to believe that a product containing some “natural” ingredients is a “natural” product!

Second, I can say that many women don’t invest time to search quality based natural products, and don’t know how to choose them. This way, they end up using non-natural products, vegetal oils or essential oils mixed with toxic chemical substances…

How is the market of natural cosmetics?

I would say it’s in constant expansion right now everywhere. As I lived in Europe I can tell you it’s well structured, and offers many quality products. I don’t forget also to mention the great number of e-shops offering a panel of bio products and even vegan and diary-free products.

Is it right that natural products are more expansive than others?

Apparently yes lol..but we have to know that natural cosmetics are full of active agents so greatly effecient. But they are also fragile and sentisive to the environment, making them easily perishable, thus we need to know how to treat them so they last longer without loosing their quality.

One day you told me about greenwashing, what is it exactly?

Greenwashing is what we see almost everywhere among the big ” conventional” cosmetics brands, when they make you think that they’re selling some completely natural products. They use colors and images on their products referring to nature, fruits, plants..etc, and on the etiquette they mention that they are composed of natural actives, while these “natural actives” don’t make even 2% of the ingredients. They are lying to the customers when they don’t say that the major part of ingredients are issued from petro-chemical substances…

Do you think a woman can make all of her natural cosmetics at home?

Yes, I think a woman can take great care of herself by simply using essentially ingredients she can find at her home or maybe shop some of them.

As there are many DIY recipes for natural cosmetics on internet, how can we distinguish the fair ones of them?

Yes there are really many, and I can say that a large part of them are fair. We can check also the reviews of people on the websites..There are also great books on the natural beauty.

What are your 3 favorite ingredients of natural cosmetics,found generally at home?

A vegetal oil of first cold pressing for the face

Natural yogurt and an egg for hair

And Ghassoul and black soap for the body in the weekly Hammam using the Kessa glove to exfoliate all the skin.( I speak of what we can find easily here in Morocco,  but it’s also available on Amazon and it’s worth to buy it for their great benefits)

What would you advise a woman just starting the shift to the natural cosmetics, from what to begin? when she could see results?..

She would start by getting rid of all her chemical cosmetics and search for natural alternatives. She should try to know her skin type and hair type, what’s so important in order to smartly choose the ingredients she would need for her own problems.

She can buy BIO labelled cosmetics, to guarantee their genuinity. She have to learn how to read the products ingredients list.

To see permanent positive results she should be patient and regular while using natural cosmetics, because it will begin by the skin and hair detoxifying themselves from all the chemical toxins they accumulated before, after that she will see the great work of the natural cosmetics she uses. So just give it time!


If you need more informations, don’t hesitate to visit Nadia’s Facebook page Diyali Cosmetics

She’s greatly happy to offer you 10% discount on your first order! Don’t miss it.

If you have more question, feel free to comment this article and let me know what are you interested in.

Natural cosmetics




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