Health gain vs weight loss !

weight loss

I want today to discuss the mindset people have about weight loss and healthy lifestyle.

In fact,I’m not fat, rather thin young woman, but I know many women which are relatively obese and search for weight loss ways, natural and non natural ones, to become their ideal model, especially when they look at the weight index going far ahead from the ideal weight for their size !

As I believe the human being in general is a complex system and the body is one of its components, I guess the interactions inside this system should be taken in consideration when working on the body. In other words,I can’t adjust the body weight if my believes and my feelings fight from their side to keep it or even increase it! it’s like fighting with oneself,it’s a lost battle from the beginning.

That’s why we see always yo-yo effect after diet and exercises we impose on ourselves, that’s why a fat person struggles to decrease his appetite and feel powerless in front of his favorite cookies..

To adjust a behavior we have to dig deep into its roots,to see why is the body(we can symbolize it here as a baby)wants to eat food that we know is harmful and contains much more calories than our need ..wait!calories,here is another idea I guess we have to rethink about ! because the same calories which make one person fat don’t make another person fat! I can see it with my naked eyes !

If I believe that my food is unhealthy and I eat with this feeling of guilt invading me after each meal,then my body will get upset and sad, and what we can do to escape this feeling? obviously eating more !

Exercising can help greatly in shaping the body and many other aspects, but what if I HATE it while doing it?the body will automatically consider that this is a tough work to do and more !

I think weight loss should come as natural outcome of gaining health,by opting for healthy lifestyle,and a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about healthy food,it’s about everything, because eating healthy while having unhealthy believes and behaviors doesn’t match.

I used to make some changes from time to time on my diet, choosing healthy recipes over unhealthy ones, and I saw some positive results, but the real change was when I chose to stick the healthy label for every aspect of my life, absolutely everything: food, beauty, parenting way, cleaning products,  morning rituals, shower ritual, thinking…etc.That doesn’t mean you should be perfectionist to be healthy, but rather do your best to take real care of yourself, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually,and forgiving ourselves when failing or going forgiveness is a healthy choice too 🙂

I believe when we opt for the proactive lifelong journey of healthy life, we get real and lasting results,and the weight « loose » its reason of existence !

Feel free to share with us your perspective on this topic and let me help you get started with the health gain journey.

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