Healthy Habits course – Review and GIVEAWAY!

healthy habits course

Having a healthy life coach couldn’t be affordable for many people if there wasn’t people like Nazima, who recently launched her course: Healthy Habits.

Who is Nazima?

Nazima is a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer. She dedicates her work with her passion to serve people wanting to progress in the journey of healthy living through implementing small healthy habits each month, week by week.

As a blogger, she’s featured more than 30 times and recognized to be one of the most active healthy living bloggers out there.

in her blog she stated the reason behind creating Healthy living course this way: “I receive inquiries daily about how to lose weight, how to manage PCOS symptoms, and many other health related questions. Unfortunately, I can’t give a complete answer to fully help you in a few simple sentences. I also understand that it can be expensive to see a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and that usually prevents a lot of people from taking the next step to improving their health. So, I developed the Healthy Habits Community as an affordable and accessible platform for you to finally achieve the healthier and happier life you always dreamed of.”

Many people would resonate with this as we know how it’s frustrating to get the real help surfing the internet and asking experts here and there to end being scatterbrained between many tips and and ideas based almost all the time on guessing. Nazima takes the guesswork out of healthy eating and provide you with simple yet evidenced-based nutrition information. You can gain a wealth of information on healthy living simply by navigating her website: Nutrition by Nazima.

My experience..

As I started the Healthy Habits course, I was impressed by its structure: simplicity and consistence. A weekly material is provided to you in order to implement a healthy eating habit that looks simple and yet makes huge difference in the long term. I love the theme and colors of the materials, as they’re compelling to read them carefully and sort of download the tips in our collection of habits, conscious and unconscious ones. You get your weekly healthy habit to practice and the recipe of the week, alongside with other tips that would help you commit to the weekly goal.

Being a part of the Healthy Habits community group is a game changer for anyone struggling with dabbling and procrastination like me. I find it very helpful to have the accountability of many like-minded women around the world who are committing themselves to improve their health. What makes it even better is the possibility to ask Nazima questions about your own health issues related to the specific healthy habit you’re about to implement, that means I wouldn’t miss any of the weekly livestreams on the group, otherwise I  can leave her my questions beforehand and watch the replay when I can.


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