Healthy Living: Helpful Checklist

healthy living checklist

There are checklists everywhere, from housekeeping, meal prepping, blogging, child birth,..etc, literally everything. I don’t want to make it a new burden on you, but maybe you need a checklist for your healthy living too!

Healthy living checklist..why?

There is an overload of information on the web and in the books. Either you want to loose weight, start a diet, take care of your skin or anything else related to your wellness, you’ll be bombarded by much information that leaves you overwhelmed and confused.

healthy living checklist

Hence, a checklist can greatly help organize your thoughts and give you a clear plan to apply and start taking action by baby steps.

If you’re frequent reader of my blog, you would notice that I insist on making Healthy a priority when approaching anything. That’s because Healthy for me doesn’t contradict Enjoyable in any way; and also it isn’t solely related to the food we eat.

That means I don’t consider Healthy diets to be something to ENDURE and be patient with to achieve the goal of Healthy eating.

That means also that you can be healthier by choosing carefully your cosmetic products and also your clothes!

It means also that an improvement in your relationship with yourself and your family could be the ingredient needed to make you healthier!

All the aspects of Health are collected in this simple checklist to help you evaluate yourself by reading it, and then starting making progress by acting upon it.

Healthy Eating


  • Eat veggies at each meal, preferably half of the plate.
  • Eat the rainbow: eat vegetables and fruits of different colors.
  • Try to eat organic food. Otherwise clean very well to get rid of the pesticides.
  • Eat as raw food as possible.
  • Add spices if you don’t the taste of some healthy food.
  • Let salads be a must-take for launch, and also dinner if you want.
  • Eat dinner as early as possible.
  • Freeze food as less as possible.

Food combinations

  • Don’t combine too much food categories in one meal. Sorry Pizza fans! But I’m sure you can enjoy Pizza without cheese just like I did last week.
  • Any food combination that leaves you feeling uncomfortable.. just stay away.
  • Don’t drink water while eating. A little bit is OK if needed.

Food timing

  • Take your time when eating. Mindful eating is the key to healthy eating.
  • No exact time for meals. When your body wants to eat it will tell you.
  • No late dinner too!
  • Eat breakfast early as your body is more energized and ready for it.


Cleaning products:

  • Make your own cleaning products with safe components. Stay away from the toxic commercial products.
  • Use gloves.

Beauty and self-care products:

  • Make your own beauty products with natural components.
  • Wash your face as frequently as possible.
  • Make your own spa products to use n a weekly deep body scrub session.
  • Use natural oils for massage
  • If you can’t live without makeup search for natural alternatives. They exist and they’re worth it.
  • Try to wear natural linen made clothes, at least the underwear’s and every tissue that touches your skin directly.


With yourself:

  • Be gentle to yourself. Toss every guilt or shame feeling that come to you simply because you’re enough.
  • Be disciplined too. Think of yourself as a mom and her kid. Don’t spoil your inner kid too.
  • Self-love, then self-love and finally self-love.
  • Grow and expand by reading each day.
  • Stay indifferent to negative people around you.
  • Try something new every so and on.
  • Cultivate self-control.
  • Do what you love, not what “normal” people do.
  • Give to others, as you’ll feel more grateful to be able to give.
  • Forgive yourself for any negative thought throughout the day. Simply skip!
  • Meditate more often. I didn’t mention sleeping as it’s believed that it’s simply the unconscious form of meditation. Do sleep well but also learn how to REST consciously by meditating.
  • Workout or do Yoga.

With partner:

  • Be honest with him. No resentment in any way.
  • Talk intimately at least once a week.
  • Have some hobby together.
  • Take some vacation. each 3 months or so. Don’t get used to each other.
  • Have some intellectual or spiritual discussion. Let him know all of your other aspects: mental and spiritual
  • Know his love language and let him know yours.

With children:

  • Whenever you forget how badly you wanted them, remind yourself!
  • Whenever you feel tired of caring for them, check their earlier photos and videos and see how you’ll smile and magically feel energized!
  • Don’t ever blame yourself if they misbehaved. They’re learning through this and it’s totally normal.
  • Feel drained? Let your partner or family member know and take a break for your self-care, was it just for an afternoon.
  • Feel powerless in front of all the educational theories? Take some nuggets from each and make your own.
  • Don’t sleep without telling them you love them.
  • They’ crave unhealthy food? Be their model in front of them and be sure they’ll follow you.

As you see, I developed more on relationships aspect of healthy living as I believe it’s the major player in our health issues. Toxic relationships are more dangerous as they cause illnesses while not visible as the issue source.

If you need help with healthy living in some specific condition like a medical health issue or severe alcoholism or addiction case, you can book a health coach that will help you more with customized tips and assist you to make real progress.


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6 thoughts on “Healthy Living: Helpful Checklist

  1. I liked all of the tips. I use these…well except for the timer. I’ve never considered that. The article I wrote this week touches on some of the same points. I always enjoy finding writers with a similar sentiment. Have a great day!! Thanks for the list.

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    • says:

      You’re welcome Kash n Mike. Me too I love to see other people trying to spread healthy living by any means. Keep the good work up!

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  2. Great post! I definitely needed this today! I’m desperately trying to clean my diet up! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    • says:

      Decide and go for it girl! I’m here if any help needed <3

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  3. Thanks for sharing,in todays hectic lifestyle, we sometimes forget to relax and do something for out health.Very informative.

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    • says:

      True Roamy,self love for me is basically about healthy living

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