Healthy Living Rules From A Spiritual Teacher

healthy living rules spirituality

First thing first, what’s the relationship between healthy living and spirituality ?

Well, it just happens that I’m spiritualist and I love to listen to every spiritual teacher around the world especially when they speak about health and wellness.

Healthy Living Rules

I started reading Sadhguru’s teachings few months ago, and it’s just mind-blowing. He’s such a deep and fan Indian spiritual teacher. His website and YouTube channel are full of many interesting videos related to many topics, and his teachings about health make really sense for me.

As he said, our physical health is build on 3 essential things that we have to take care of: Food, Rest and Activity.

I try here to give you the simple healthy living rules mentioned by Sadhguru that can really help you claim your birthright of physical health even if you have a chronic disease.


Your physical body is what you eat, I mean literally. That’s why if you eat unhealthy food you get an unhealthy body. Period

Now, healthy eating is ultimately about:

  • Healthy food: 40% of your food must be fresh vegetables and fruits. Any food that takes more than 3 hours to digest is simply to avoid or reduce quantity.
  • Spaced meals: 5 to 6 hours between meals is essential to begin the cellular detox. If you’re over 30 years old, the ideal is 2 meals per day
  • No food before sleep: Try to have your last meal at least 3 hours before sleep.


Your body is made to move, that’s pretty known. Also, don’t underestimate its elasticity: you have to bend it forward, backward and twist to both sides. If you can’t go to a Yoga class for any reason, then just do these movements daily and walk mindfully as much as you can.


Many people consider sleeping as the best form of rest possible, when it’s not.

If you stay in a state of restfulness, you are actually reducing the hours of sleep your body will need. I call this the conscious sleep and the common sleep the unconscious restfulness. However, unfortunately, many people sleep without resting. The reason is that their sleep routine doesn’t contain to relax and let go of stress.


If you have to pick one thing from his teachings, it would be the one-sentence healthy living recipe he gave. It truly resonated with me deeply. He said:

“If you bring physical body, the mental body, and the energy body into proper alignment and balance, you will not have any physical or psychological ailments” Sadhguru.

Now, you may not know much about these bodies he’s talking about, but if you want true health then you should consider this quote to be your Mantra and learn as much as you can about these layers of the human being. They do look complicated yet they are incredibly simple. The alignment he speaks about is essentially about Balance and giving credit to all the aspects of the human being when looking to improve your health. The outcome would be a blissful life that’s healthy by its nature.

Are you spiritualist in your approach to health? Do you try to stay open-minded with spirituals when your background is mostly scientific like me? How do you find these intersections and that intuition telling you that this or that spiritual teaching makes sense? Share with us any similar stories in a comment below.

healthy living rules spirituality


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