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Holistic Mantra Interview


Sushma is one of the incredibly nice people I met virtually lately. She’s very friendly and It feels really soothing to speak to her or to watch her Youtube videos. She welcomed this interview request and agreed to share with Wellness of Eve readers her story with Holistic Mantra.

Why Holistic Mantra?

I’m a plant-based lover of everything that has to do with nature. Working with things that come from Mother Nature brings me pure joy.

The idea to create Holistic Mantra came when I wanted to share my Ayurvedic beauty recipes that were passed on to me by my mother and my grandmother. While I was thinking of ways in which I could do this, it became a passion of mine. And I decided to share all that I knew on natural ways of living. I especially wanted to create a bridge between western and eastern ways of holistic living.

I saw the Hindi word ‘mantra’ as a form of affirming things, which can lead to happiness and health on all area’s of life. And because I will mainly focus on holistic topics I decided to just merge those two words together.

Why did you choose to be healthy living influencer?

I spent a few years of my early life living in a South-American country where life was simple and people still lived off the land. All around me I saw healthy people that were quite energetic, happy. Problem skin was not an issue, they had a head full of healthy hair and even their teeth were brightly white.

I later moved to the Netherlands in Europe where I started noticing in my late teens that a lot of people were overweight, often sick and unhappy. I saw people getting prematurely bald or grey, acne and other skin problems are a problem amongst a lot of people.

This made me question why I saw this contrast in health between the people of the two countries I had lived in.

I realized that the people in the first country used fresh, organic, lively foods on a daily basis. When they had an ailment they used natural remedies to cure themselves unless it was something of a more serious nature. The people in the west were using more processed foods and products, and medication from drugstores.

After realizing that a more natural way of living prevents later illnesses and problems, I adapted the lifestyle of holistic living. I feel healthier than ever now and want others to feel healthy and strong as well. I hope to inspire some when I share things about the holistic lifestyle.

What’s your most important generic rules of healthy living ?

If I were to name three most important rules of living then it would be to firstly drink enough water on a daily basis. It’s essential for our bodies to function properly. It helps remove toxins from our bodies and flushes it out of our systems. People who drink enough water are less likely to get sick with the flu or suffer from other ailments such as headaches or nausea. It’s quite astonishing to see how many conditions like that can be solved by drinking enough water each day.

The second important tip would be to move the body as frequently as possible. Our bodies are made to move around and be active when there’s daylight. Not using the body’s potential is bound to bring us problems such as fatigue, obesity or even mental problems. Exercise prevents health problems and builds a stronger and healthy body.

The last tip is to be mindful of things that we put in and on our bodies. We want to eat fresh foods instead of things that are canned and preserved up to sometimes 10 years. And we want to use products on our bodies that aren’t full of chemicals.

However, we can only know about true health when we educate ourselves on what is really ‘healthy’. Because a lot of things that are supposed to be healthy for us are in fact unhealthy. Conventional cosmetics for instance are filled with chemicals but are marketed as “good for the skin”.

So I think my last tip would be to educate yourself and then eliminate products or foods from your life and slowly start detoxing from chemically treated products and food. Because it all has a great impact on our health. Take care of yourself now and you will enjoy a good health as you get older.

What do you do when you dabble on some healthy living rules?

For me self-love is key to living healthy. At times when I find myself falling back into old habits I simply give myself a gently reminder of why I want to stick to some personal rules.

I also seek for things that will inspire me again to get back on track. For me it helps to surround myself with healthy people such as friends that motivate me. If that’s not an option I like to visit pages of YouTuber’s and Bloggers that are very health conscious.

Are you optimist regarding the spread of healthy living rules, despite the terrifying stats and reports about diseases and obesity out there?

Yes, all of that is so exiting! More and more people are sharing knowledge and facts on healthy living which is a great thing! This means that we as a society are getting more educated on how to prevent diseases and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We will pass this on to our children and hopefully raise more consciousness.

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