How to Use Law of Attraction To Become Healthier

law of attraction

Here I’m talking about my best topic: Law Of Attraction. I choose to give my perspective about it after I read my friend’s post about it (bonus: you can also benefit from reading her entire blog to learn how to make money online).

I have to say the truth here. I used to be a negative person. I was all the time complaining about how things are going wrong, how I can’t do it, how things will never change..etc.

Regarding health, I wasn’t always a healthy living fan. I have failed many times to commit myself to a healthy lifestyle. I can’t even count how many times I stoppedĀ  eating candy then returned back to it, how many times I stopped frying potato then redoing it again..

The point is that I was all the time focusing on things that are going wrong. I knew there were some positive aspects but I always ignored them and felt sad for the negative aspects.

Well, the law of attraction explains all this for me. Things were not going good because I concentrate just on what’s wrong. My health wasn’t at its top because I always felt sad to not be able to be healthier.

Law of Attraction

The law of Attraction is simple and complicated in the same time. It says you get what you focus on right now, that includes your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. It’s good to know that we have the control of our future, but the point is that we need to make effort to master controlling our concentration.

It’s maybe some bit easier to control our actions, but it’s more delicate to control our feelings and thoughts. Changing the thoughts sometimes demands a mental shock, or a disturbing reality which feels not comfortable at all.

Why? because unfortunately we gave the power to our mind and let it control our life with some old thought patterns which can and can not be true for us right now.

Attracting health

In my case, I was focusing on what’s wrong because when child I heard many blaming discourses telling me I’m not good at this or that, that we can easily be sick, that our body is very vulnerable so we must do this or that to keep it “healthy”, and also that the food we eat must just be clean and tasty, our clothes must be clean and smell good ( regardless of any chemicals used to wash them or any of this staff..).

Now I see clearly why I felt powerless each time I try to improve my diet or listen to my body. We didn’t even know that our body talks to us and that we have to trust it!

It was clear that I attracted the same health issues I was afraid of: Belly fat, flu, hair loss,..

The moment I knew about the law of attraction, I decided to try it. I started to focus on positive attitude: to care more about what I eat, to learn how to read labels, to read more scientific articles about health, to listen to the spiritual perspective about health which I found so interesting. For example Teal Swan perspective, explained in this interview with Evette Rose who wrote an entire book about it titled the metaphysical anatomy, resonates very well with me as she says that health is the byproduct of overall wellbeing which includes emotional and mental wellbeing, and that corporal beauty comes simply as a result of it.

I started too to make visualizations before sleeping about how my body is more energetic, more healthy, more strong..etc.

If I have hair loss issue, I visualize my hair in its best states..

If I have some pimples on my face I visualize how my face is clean and soft..

That doesn’t mean I do nothing but visualizations, I search and make the best natural remedies related to the issue while also replacing the anxiety and stress related to it by the feeling good optimistic thoughts. And guess what, it works!

You can also use some affirmations like Louise Hay videos. They are useful to reprogram our subconsciousness to appreciate and activate our internal healing power even if doctors told you your disease is incurable, there are many cases showing the real power of a positive psychology over a corporal disease.

If you had an ailment and tried many solutions without witnessing any positive change, you ought to trust your own body power, focus on healthy relationships, healthy attitude, healthy habits, and you’ll be surprised how your body responds to your new focus toward health.

Let me know in a comment below how was your experience with LOA, you inspire many people by this!


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3 thoughts on “How to Use Law of Attraction To Become Healthier

  1. I heard about LOA about a year ago, but have never tried it myself. I can be a very negative person and deal with anxiety. Everyday I have been working to make it the best day ever. Sometimes it doesn’t always work out, but I get up the next day and try again.

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  2. There is a lot of buzz about The Law of Attraction. The more I see about it, it seems that is does work based on the number of people who share their experiences with it. Glad to hear that you are having success with it.

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  3. I am certified LOA coach by Joe Vitale. I believe in and I use affirmations, visualization, Ho’oponopono and I know, all method work, if we believe in and use it.

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