Kat Loves Kale owner Interview

Today, I’m so happy to introduce one of many people who work actively to improve and spread our knowledge about many various health and wellness topics.

Kat Loves Kale Owner Interview

Katariina is an integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Her story and perspective detailed in this interview are extremely inspiring. Honestly, she was one of the reasons I decided to continue blogging about healthy living and trying to help people get healthier through blogs and social media posts and freebies on this website. I don’t always have enough time, but I know I’m doing the best I can.

Who is Kat? Tell us more about your life,dreams, philosophy and career.


I grew up in Finland and moved to NYC after college to work in the hotel industry. I loved the fast-paced, high-energy feel of the city and spent the next 10+ years there. Currently I’m based in San Francisco Bay Area. I had done some culinary training in Finland and nutrition had always been my special interest, but I never thought I would have an actual career related to nutrition. I also had some major realizations about my own health, mainly with digestive issues, and started to heal my gut with herbs and whole foods. More and more signs started showing up that I should get into wellness field, and one day, while laying down in savasana after a tough hot yoga class, I made a decision then and there to enroll at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and become a Holistic Health Coach.
The philosophy in my practice is to keep things super simple because I believe that healthy living does not have to be difficult. I use methods like “crowding out” to add more of the healthy stuff in so you have no more space for the not so good stuff. Also bio-individuality is very important to me; what works for some might not work for others, and therefore we need to treat everyone as an individual and experiment in order to find the right way to get healthy.
I work mostly with women who are transitioning to a whole-food plant-based diet, or are vegan, yet struggling eating healthy. I help create systems that make eating and cooking nutrition-rich meals easy and affordable. With my local clients in SF Bay Area I also offer cooking classes, walks and stretching in the park/beach.

What s your favorite tip to transition toward a healthy lifestyle?

Surround yourself with a community of like-minded people. It’s hard to go it alone, especially if the people around you are not on the same path. Find a local healthy living focused Meetup group, an accountability buddy or hire a coach to help you transition to your new improved lifestyle.

What s your clients biggest challenge when it comes to opting for healthy living?

Sustaining it. People get started with such an excitement and then, week down the road the excitement goes away. Temptations are everywhere and there’s no way to hide from them. Planning ahead is the key staying on track so you don’t get caught starving while on the run, or after-work at home and opt for some unhealthy options.

Any advice for going healthy in an affordable way?

Buying in bulk (even places like Costco have pretty good healthy, organic selection of products), farmers markets for fresh veggies and fruits, or if you don’t have a year-round farmers market near you, try veggie delivery service like Imperfect Produce. Thrive Market is also another great place to order and get healthy foods delivered to you.

How do you see the future in terms of healthy living?

I believe plant-based diet is going to keep growing its popularity for health, environmental and ethical reasons. There are so many resources, products and people that are making it more of a mainstream thing now.
Another extremely interesting new way to get information about your health is gene testing. There are now multiple companies and prices are getting more and more affordable. I believe that we will start paying more attention to our genes and create our customized DNA-based lifestyle.
Lastly, I do believe that the old “sick care system” where you spend 5 minutes with your doctor and go home with a prescription just to mask the symptoms of your illness is going away. Companies like Parsley Health, where you really get to spend time with your doctor and get to the root of the problem, as well as receiving personal support with diet and other lifestyle changes with health coaches, is the future of health care.
If you want to know more about her, head over to www.kateloveskale.com and follow her on Facebook.
If you have any question for her please write it below and she will happily answer your questions.
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