Weight loss:the smart and scientific way

weight loss

I’m super excited to share with you my latest discovery. I consider it a breakthrough in the famous subject of weight loss in which I talked in my previous post here.

Now, consider you are one of the many people struggling to get this ideal weight, who search endlessly for the best weight loss that gives granted and lasting result, and one day someone come and tell you: Look, you were looking in wrong direction!

I’m big believer of the wisdom of: As within as without. In relation to our topic, I believe that being overweighted has its root in our mindset and beliefs system, and to change your beliefs system you ought to choose the smartest way possible. I believe it’s retraining the mind and discarding the overweight software.

That may sound undoable unless you know John Assaraf. This amazing person who went from failure to success in dramatic way.john-assaraf

He’s serial entrepreneur, brain researcher, and CEO of NeuroGym. In the last 25 years, John has grown 5 multi-million dollar companies in real estate, Internet software, brain research and life and business coaching and consulting. He’s the author of 2 New York Times best-selling books, Having It All and The Answer. What I like the most in this guy is his ability to project the same scientific methodology into many fields as he’s a financial freedom guru and also health coach offering this unique vision of weight loss in scientific way.

He’s giving you the opportunity to learn how to Retrain Your Brain using the latest evidence based technologies and methodologies from Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology.

His NeuroGym company proposes to give you the latest scientific breakthroughs on How to Free Yourself from the vicious cycle of starting and stopping one diet or exercise program after another just to get this sabotaging yoyo effect each time. In the other hand, He believes strongly in the concept of reshaping the body from the inside out.

As many other products of Neurogym, The Winning The Game of Weight Loss product was developed by a group of world renowned scientists, recognized experts, and business leaders whose purpose in life is to educate the world about the untapped power of the human brain in terms of changing your reality through your “admin” post (I don’t think you enjoy your mind wanting you secretly to be fat!).

If you don’t believe in the “you create your own reality”, I think you will after you go through this program and see how you loose weight effortlessly and confidently.

If you feel inspired to take action in the right direction of weight loss, just click here and register for your spot.

If no, feel free to leave a comment and share with us your story of weight loss.


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2 thoughts on “Weight loss:the smart and scientific way

  1. Retraining your brain, life style change, learning how to eat proper portion sizes all are big factors of losing weight.

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  2. Our thoughts are a very powerful tool, in weight loss and many other aspects of life. It’s easier to accomplish any task when you have a positive attitude and the right frame of mind.

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