Let Moroccan Food Be Your Next Culinary Adventure

moroccan food

As a Moroccan woman I enjoy many dishes that make my healthy eating experience some bit easier. Moroccan food finds its roots in the geography of this wonderful country that has all types of natural sights: Sea, mountains, Sahara..etc, that’s why you find meat dishes, fish dishes,..etc.

It’s true that our table has been affected by the international wave of processed food, but there are still people who still apply our ancestor’s wisdom of food.

If you come to Marrakesh or Agadir for example, you’ll have plenty of restaurants offering the delicious Couscous with its variety of veggies and tasty broth, Rfissa with the miraculous fenugreek seeds and lens, the yummy Hareera which is a must make in every Moroccan house during the cold nights of winter, Selloo made of fabulous variety of nutritional seeds ground and stirred with honey and olive oil..and the list goes on and on.

There is a chance that some restaurants use some “unhealthy” ingredients like white sugar or white flour, but I think that it still is way better than any packaged cookies made in majority of chemical substances aiming to give you the good taste and the bad health!

If you already had the chance to eat Moroccan food somewhere, you’ll absolutely want to learn to make them for yourself or maybe know more about restaurants offering Moroccan food near you. That’s why I made this list of restaurants to check before you choose your next culinary Moroccan experience in USA.

Moroccan food restaurants in USA

I choose these ones for you because they have their websites which you can check to know more about the dishes they’re offering and their timing and any eventual reservation, and you can call them for more info. Just for your info, they may have belly dancers, but that doesn’t mean belly dance is part of Moroccan culture, it isn’t, Moroccan traditional dances are more folklorist and conservative and group based.

In case you want to try making some dish for yourself, there are many cookbooks that can help you in it. Actually I’m preparing one for my subscribers. In the meanwhile you can try this cookbook 

Please note that you may not find the same taste of some dish you already enjoyed, as every region in Morocco has its way of cooking, though they are not so much different.

If you need me to add more info please let me know in a comment.




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