Why Financial Freedom Is Healthier For You

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I feel free to use the word Healthy for everything in life, and yes I believe financial freedom is a healthy life choice. Why? for many reasons.

Why Financial Freedom is Healthier For You?

Every human being had to experience the financial stress in some degree in some point of their life.

You may not be poor, you may have all the money you need, but you still feel stressed about money because you don’t have the guarantee that you will always have enough.

You may be fed up of the 9-5 job routine, you feel maybe that you don’t have the control of your life since you work FOR other’s dreams.

When you work for others, you literally exchange your time and energy for a certain amount of money you call salary. In a universe of give-take nature, you can feel yourself loosing this way, because you give what’s priceless for a price!

Your time and energy are in fact your life, and if you don’t enjoy them you’re not enjoying your life. That simple!

Grasping this truth took me over a decade of my life.

Financial freedom: Is it for everyone?

I heard and read about financial freedom before, but I had that little voice telling me that it’s for someone who have already a big amount of money to invest, otherwise you are doomed to work for others in order to survive. That’s the main source of lot of stress and hormone imbalances for many people, exposing them to more ailments and health issues.

One day I dared to ask myself what if it’s not true? what’s the real difference between a business man or business woman and others?. The first may be privileged by the capital of money but who said that money is the only capital?!

Each one has his own gifts, and the most rewarding gift is your passion.

It may seem confusing to tell that passion can be your doorway to your financial freedom, but it really is.

Did you read some of the millionaires stories? they all point to this truth.

If you don’t have passion for your work, then you chose to literally subside your own wellbeing and health for an “obligation”.

It’s a critical point especially for women, because many women let themselves down and sacrifice their passion to be able to put on this famous mask of ” sacrifying” and “wise” woman and mother.

If at any point in your life you felt there is no joy in your everyday life, there is a big chance that you let the finances monster put your passion aside. The good news is that it’s never too late.

How To Achieve Financial Freedom?

Financial freedom is simply being able to live a fulfilled life and be sure that you have always enough because you already took time to build a real business.This business is working for you and don’t need from you more than some management and control.

That’s exactly how it works in the online business, which is now the doorway of  many people’s financial freedom as they learn the many ways of creating streams of almost passive income.

My next post is exactly about one of many ways to gain financial freedom through online business. Read it here.





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