My simple yet effective “Why” to make The healthy lifestyle choice

healthy lifestyle choice

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Hey Eve !
You may be bored by all the claims about natural and healthy lifestyle you see everywhere in different media tools. However, i want to tell you about my approach of unnatural-to-natural transformation I went through and give you my personal feedback.
I want to start by saying that I knew nothing about healthy food, healthy cosmetics, or whatever other stuff that’s labeled healthy or natural or green. I used to eat whatever i found delicious and affordable, use any cosmetic product that’s known for being effective for this or that aim, without understanding anything in its ingredients..
I didn’t get it about the consequences of chemical substances we consume in our food, hygiene or cosmetic products until i got tired of all the symptoms i had and which I didn’t relate in the first time to my consumption choices.

It starts with the shocking facts I read about many common substances in the ingredients lists of many products,such as aspartame in chewing-gum or candy, sulfate in shampoo, ..etc.

So I started searching in the Internet to know more about the subject, and it was like « Oh my God!», what all this mess i did to my body..and you feel more frustrated when you are deeply aware that a human being is not separated items :body ;mind,spirit..when you know that everything is related, that a simple thing affecting body will easily affect emotions and spirit..then you ought to be really careful in your choices, because then you’ll have an idea about WHY you couldn’t change your way of parenting for example !and WHY you feel ALWAYS tired !

A healthy lifestyle for me isn’t just healthy food or beauty products, it’s a real commitment to loving ourselves the right way, and it start by taking the decision to reverse the previous habits consequences. It’s a journey which has to start with baby-steps, taking millimetric-decisions so that we don’t have any yoyo effect.

I believe that what makes a healthy lifestyle isn’t a packaged way of living imported from any country, but rather a cocktail of all ways of living in all the planet, a cocktail that must be customized as each person is unique. So each woman has to search,read and take what resonate with her as a whole being,even though in most cases the local products are more convenient and healthy.

In this blog, I’m committed to share with you every tip I know helpful to start and continue in this beautiful healing and thriving process,which is inspired by the latest and most credible scientific findings. We will build a community in which we support each other to go in the right direction toward a healthy lifestyle,maybe slowly but steadily !

I’m committed to support you,help you get the right information and make REAL progression toward your best version .

Feel free to leave in a comment your questions or suggestion for the next posts.

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One thought on “My simple yet effective “Why” to make The healthy lifestyle choice

  1. Awesome write up! I read your blog fairly often and you always post great stuff.
    I shared this on Facebook and my followers really enjoyed it.
    Keep up the good work! 🙂

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