Health Benefits Of Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy: My Experience Of Its Health Benefits

If you read my blog consistently, you would notice how I insist on detoxing the body from the overload of toxins we let in through food and many other ways. I still believe that our body is made to do a great job of detox just by fasting and reducing the toxins intake through some Read More

flaxseeds health benefits

Top Health Benefits of Flax seeds

If I had to speak about the flaxseed’s health benefits in just one sentence, I would say: The wearable form of flax plant, linen, is greatly healthy for the outside, aka the skin, and its seeds are greatly healthy for the inside. Health benefits of flax seeds Nutrients They’re really nutrient-dense more than the nuts. Read More

Healthy Moroccan Food Recipes

Best Of Healthy Moroccan Food Recipes

I must say that it isn’t easy to select the best delicious Moroccan food recipes as there are many, and the criteria of healthy food recipes make it some more difficult, as it’s difficult to judge if this or that recipe is completely healthy  . However, I tried to give you here a general idea Read More

healthy habits course

Healthy Habits course – Review and GIVEAWAY!

Having a healthy life coach couldn’t be affordable for many people if there wasn’t people like Nazima, who recently launched her course: Healthy Habits. Who is Nazima? Nazima is a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer. She dedicates her work with her passion to serve people wanting to progress in the journey of healthy living Read More

moroccan food

Let Moroccan Food Be Your Next Culinary Adventure

As a Moroccan woman I enjoy many dishes that make my healthy eating experience some bit easier. Moroccan food finds its roots in the geography of this wonderful country that has all types of natural sights: Sea, mountains, Sahara..etc, that’s why you find meat dishes, fish dishes,..etc. It’s true that our table has been affected Read More

white sugar alternatives

Why I Replaced White Sugar By These Alternatives

First of all, I shall tell you why I took this decision of opting for white sugar alternatives. As there are many diabetic persons in my family, including my mother, who I see taking many pills everyday even if she’s the most active person in the house, I understood that simply exercising wouldn’t keep diabetes Read More