Cupping Therapy: My Experience Of Its Health Benefits

health benefits of cupping therapy

If you read my blog consistently, you would notice how I insist on detoxing the body from the overload of toxins we let in through food and many other ways. I still believe that our body is made to do a great job of detox just by fasting and reducing the toxins intake through some changes to our lifestyle. However, I know that the body can also benefit from a medical help that’s really ancient and working: Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy

I already knew about it since many years, but I didn’t know how good it can help to boost our health and overall wellness. You don’t need to be ill to use it. It’s a curative but also preventive way of healing.

Last month I decided to give it a chance and test it for you. and it was AWESOME.

My Cupping Therapy

If you want to know about the history of this practice, read this Wellness Mama article about it.

Knowing that athletes use it, it’s  a hint to its importance for health and energy. So I went to a cupping therapy practitioner in my city and asked her what should I do before it, she said I have just to come in the morning before breakfast as it’s the best time to flush toxins from blood.

I went the day after; I tried to reduce my anxiety by telling my body to relax and intend that it’s a way to help it clean itself from unnecessary baggage in my blood circulation system.

She asked if I prefer the dry or wet type of cupping, I opted for the wet cupping, as she advised too that it gives better results.

I laid down on my belly on the massage sofa and let the practitioner do her work on my back.

I expected some level of pain when she would make the little cuts on the skin to let the toxic blood come out, but it didn’t really hurt.

When it’s done, I went back to home and ate breakfast. after some minute I felt an overwhelming energy in my body like if it’s reactivated. I had also more surge to go to bathroom, knowing that I suffered many time before from constipation, which means my digestive system is happy and active.

The next days were special as I had this lightness feeling I usually experience after a period of fasting.

For an optimal result, the practitioner told me that I have to do it each 15 days, alternating between my back and my legs and scalp, for a period of 2 months.

Tomorrow is my next session and I’m really excited about it!

Prozac Alternative?

One surprising fact is that it helps even with psychological illnesses. The patient before me was suffering from depression. So if you too or you know someone having depression tell him to ask his doctor if his medical conditions permit it. That may be a life-changing advice.

Again, you may be in apparently good health like me, but you’ll still be amazed by the health improvement you would experience just by this therapy.

So, what about you? Did you think to give it a chance and benefit from this express way of detoxification? Tell us your story in a comment bellow.

cupping therapy

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