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Affirmation Sticky Notes

I wasn’t always a fan of affirmations and positive words sticky notes. I’m more a morning meditation person and I didn’t really think that simply reading some sticky notes each morning would help me better..until I discovered Vision Words.

Vision Words Sticky Notes

It was through Facebook that I knew about this lovely lady who’s passion is to make inspiring and uplifting sticky notes. She was offering them in exchange for a review and I’m happy I asked for one copy to try them for the first time.

She was kind enough to accept to ship them to where I live. As I received the mail I was really excited to see this elegantly packed sticky notes set. What I love about them is that I won’t worry anymore about my bad writing to get in my way! They are written in an elegant, minimalist and simple way that you will be happy to read them each day.

Affirmations sticky notes

The affirmations are relative to self-confidence as I chose the Believe-In-Yourself set, but there are many other type of affirmations to choose from: Be Happy, Fitness, Gratitude, Love, Success.. etc

Love yourself for who you are, you are of infinite worthiness, you are enough.. are but some of the inspiring words that convinced me that words can really change our reality. I use them since one week and I know for sure they would help me even more with time.


Why You May Need Affirmation Sticky Notes?

I think we all have some sort of critic inner voice that keeps trying to keep us in the comfort zone and limit our lived potential. Either you work or you are a stay at home mom, you know what does it feel to have these doubts about your efficiency and the quality of work you’re doing each day or whether you really can scale your business or explore some other new options..It really sucks to be your own demotivator and get in your way. That’s why you may need these affirmations from Vision Words, made carefully for your specific challenge.

They’re also affordable and you have free shipping to anywhere in the world.

More Inspiration For Less..

Vision Words is offering 15% off discount for Wellness of Eve readers for the month of June 2017. Use discount Code EVE at checkout.

If you plan to use them, tell us in a comment which one you think you need most. Also keep yourself accountable by telling us how do you make progress with them by posting on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #VisionWords.

affirmation sticky notes

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